Michael Parque Advisor, TGCF's Children's Resource Exchange Center (CREC)

Michael Parque

Advisor, TGCF’s Children’s Resource Exchange Center

Michael Parque has been with Microsoft since August 2017, working as a Software Engineer in an internal central team focused on data platforms to allow better connected experiences in Windows applications such as Photos and Paint3D. Before joining Microsoft, he worked for athenahealth as a full-stack web developer for a an EHR web application that was used by large-population health organizations to support their care managers on an individual level and to track metrics and health targets at a population level.

Working in Healthcare IT, he realized how fulfilling it was to work on a product that touched other peoples’ lives in such a direct and positive way. After joining Microsoft, he learned about the volunteer opportunities there and was immediately attracted to The Grace Children’s Foundation’s (TGCF) humanitarian efforts. He connected to the Foundation’s mission and the children they serve and Microsoft’s participation in their work and plans. It was an easy decision to jump on board.