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TGCF is launching From One to 100, a pilot program connecting up to 100 children in need with a focus on Syrian children living as refugees, to medical/surgical and rehabilitative care, groundbreaking research, treatments and cures, in the Fall of 2018.        . As we roll out the Pilot, we are relying on Volunteers to help with medical research/resources in pediatric healthcare, hosting for children and caregivers, transportation and other humanitarian support.   The Pilot will coordinate healthcare, medical missions, transportaion, government documentation, hosting environments, funding platforms and other essential resources for connecting children in need to people and organizations ready to help them. 

The program will be the underpinning for TGCF's Children's Resource Exchange Center (CREC) connective digital platform that will be available for any child of any background living anywhere in the world...combinging human conscientiousness with technology. 

From One to 100 will refocus much needed attention on the millions of children who are left without vital resources essential to their survival and wellbeing while engaging those on the front lines who work tirelessly on behalf of the children who wait...scaling the solution to the magnitude of the problem.   

Please contact TGCF to let us know your interest and learn more about how you can help NOW as we prepare for this launch. .  Together, we can change the outcome for children in need.



Honoring The Children And Those Who Love Them

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