[slide-left]Children's Resource Exchange Center (CREC) — Combining Human Conscientiousness with Technology 

The CREC digital platform is envisioned as the go-to source for pediatric health care,  exponentially increasing the number of children served globally.

The platform will be a connective, facilitation care management tool matching children and their caregivers to providers. Care ambassadors will be available to coordinate more complex cases that require multiple specialties. The data management system will be composed of an international pediatric network of care, expertise and funding that will include information on medical missions, trials, association meetings/conferences, funding platforms, transportation, travel/government documentation, hosting environments and community service programs.


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The CREC Connective Digital Platform

The Go-To Source for Pediatric Healthcare


[slide-right]The CREC App

The app will enable fast and efficient access to the digital platform. It will serve as a funnel utilizing cloud technology for secure data storage, artificial intelligence to identify, locate and connect resources, translation and speech recognition to empower and create universal accessibility and messaging tools. The CREC App will allow providers to articulate their expertise, protocols and also communicate with their colleagues on cases that require multi disciplines and referrals—provider to provider. [/slide-right]

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The Underpinning

The app will function as a digital data funnel that will include cloud technology, artificial intelligence and translation capabilities and will be the underpinning of the CREC’s data management system.  

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