Khalef Hosany advisor, tgcf's children's resource exchange center (CREc)

Khalef Hosany

Advisor, TGCF’s Children’s Resource Exchange Center

Khalef is a Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft. After graduating from Columbia University in December 2007, he moved to Seattle to start working at Microsoft. He has been in the Microsoft Office division since then.

Khalef always had an interest in volunteering and helping people. His main area of expertise is in the field of software accessibility and he spent several years making Office products accessible to people with a wide range of temporary or permanent disabilities. This work led to several awards and accolades, both within and outside Microsoft.

His relationship with The Grace Children Foundation (TGCF) started in 2017. While looking for a hackathon project that would have meaningful impact on the world, he came across the initiative that a few people at Microsoft were working on in partnership with TGCF. The group was exploring ways in which technology could help children in need and he was immediately drawn by the passion of every team member and their devotion for such an important cause. His contributions are in helping design and build the software needed to support the Foundation’s efforts.

In his free time, he is an avid soccer player, swimmer and computer gamer.