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The Grace Children's Foundation impact

Twenty Years of Service

TGCF has passed the two decade mark of front-line experience this year, coordinating the care of children in need on a case-by-case basis through the Children’s Resource Exchange Center (CREC) model. The evidence of its success lies in each of the stories of individual children who have brought with them unique medical conditions where they have been met with an outpouring of essential resources from people all over the world.

Combining human conscientiousness with technology through TGCF’s partnership with innovators at Microsoft, this model will close the often-fatal gap between children in need and people and organizations ready to help them. Any child in need can benefit from the CREC digital platform, and each case will help to populate the system with more information that can inform the next. The CREC digital platform is a sustainable solution because its effectiveness will grow exponentially as its outreach expands at the speed of technology.

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