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Sheyma is a nine-year-old girl who was shot by a sniper while fleeing Aleppo, Syria with her family. She required craniofacial reconstruction, ocular care and a prosthetic for her right eye. She is the first child helped through From One to 100.

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The Grace Children’s’ Foundation has partnered with innovators at Microsoft to develop the Children’s Resource Exchange Center (CREC), a global digital platform powered by Microsoft technology and Artificial Intelligence that will connect any child of any background, living anywhere in the world to medical resources and continuous care.

We are launching a web application, a pilot that will serve as a prototype for the CREC digital platform with the roll out of  From One to 100 program. The program will connect up to 100 children to vital healthcare resources either here in the United States or in the regions where they reside. The majority of these children are Syrian refugees who are suffering from war-related injuries or other debilitating illnesses. The CREC digital platform has already engendered global support from healthcare providers, technology partners and donors who practice mindful giving. The CREC connective digital platform is the underpinning for scaling the solution to the magnitude of the problem.