David Hsiao, Engineering Program Manager at Microsoft

David Hsiao

Advisor, TGCF’s Children’s Resource Exchange Center

David is an Engineering Program Manager at Microsoft in the Universal Store Team. Prior to joining Microsoft, he spent several years as a technology consultant and co-founded a start-up company. He enjoys working with technology and using technology to solve challenging problems.

As David was looking for a project to join for Microsoft’s “Hack for Good” Initiative in its annual Hackathon event, the Children’s Resource Exchange Center (CREC) project immediately drew his attention. He has been looking for ways to volunteer his time and skills and saw this as the perfect opportunity. After meeting with Nancy, Brooks and the staff from The Grace Children’s Foundation (TGCF) during the Hackathon event, their passions reaffirmed his decision to commit and help the TGCF through this effort of building CREC.