Children’s Resource Exchange Center (CREC)

The CREC digital platform is envisioned as the go-to source for access and delivery of pediatric healthcare, serving children in need globally.

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Combining Human Conscientiousness With Technology

The Grace Children’s Foundation (TGCF) has partnered with innovators at Microsoft and Microsoft Philanthropies to facilitate the transition of TGCF’s Children’s Resource Exchange Center (CREC) manual network into a connective digital platform that will coordinate medical, surgical and rehabilitative care, closing the gap between children in need and people and organizations ready to help them… scaling the solution to the magnitude of the problem.

The CREC Digital Platform

The data management system will be accessible through a mobile app and website that will provide a connective, facilitation care management tool that will streamline communications between caregivers and providers and greatly improve the delivery of medical, surgical and rehabilitative care and groundbreaking research, treatments and cures.

The CREC app will enable fast and efficient access to an international network of care, expertise and funding that will include information on medical missions, clinical trials, professional association meetings/conferences, funding platforms, transportation, government documentation, hosting environments and community service initiatives…scaling the solution to the magnitude of the problem.

CREC Platform

Combining Human Conscientiousness With Technology

The CREC digital platform will help save the lives of children worldwide.

The Children's Resource Exchange Center digital platform

The CREC Platform Will


Medical and rehabilitative careMedical, surgical and rehabilitative care

Medical mission tripsMedical mission trips

Funding platformsFunding platforms

Legal AidLegal aid

government documentationGovernment documentation


Hosting environmentHosting environments

Community service programsCommunity service programs


Self-service accessSelf-service access

CREC platformAccessibility, facilitation and coordination

CREC telehealth communicationsTelehealth communications

CREC, accelerated delivery of health resourcesAccelerated delivery of resources

CREC, continuity of careContinuity of care

CREC, sustainable social impactSustainable social impact

CREC, collaborationCollaboration with other like-minded individuals & organizations


CREC language translationLanguage translation

CREC medical records cloudMedical record cloud storage

CREC data protectionData protection

CREC artificial intelligenceArtificial Intelligence

CREC messengerMessenger for parent/guardian provider communication

CREC peer-to-peer messengerMessenger for provider peer-to-peer communication

CREC crisis alertCrisis alert